What is so different about 3d product design?

You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, something even better than an image, is an ACTUAL representation of the product. Investors are always looking for the “next best thing” to invest in. Whatever that “next best thing” may be.  What makes 3D product design better than 2D design, is having the ability to see your ideas fully realized in a 3D space. Nothing makes a better impression than showing all angles of your product, and being able to show different versions. We are able to do this either through the browser, or as a standalone application.

Animation and why its great for your product…

Video Animation can also sell a potential product idea. Animation shows how the product functions. If you add virtual reality in the mix, you have a functional product before it is actually produced. Some examples of a functional product would be; electronics, hardware, just to name a few. Being able to see how the product works would give any investor a solid understanding of what they were potentially going to put money into. Having the ability to also show video of multiple iterations can help a great deal through the initial design process.

New Technologies that are making 3d more prominent

We are living in a time where new technologies are emerging almost daily. With websites such as github.com where users can archive their code online for the world to see, to JavaScript libraries such as Three.js which allows you to develop 3D in the browser. There really is no shortage of inspiration for new product creators as well as virtual starting points. There has also been a slew of applications recently such as Keyshot, Substance Painter, and Marmoset Toolbag, that has changed the way we finalize our 3D geometry, and enhance our final presentations. To wrap things up, we are excited to see what the future will bring. We feel investors will only get more confident with their decisions as new waves of technology develops.