Gary Calhoun, GA Media Solutions

Woocommerce Specialist

What are your favorite ecommerce tools & software for ecommerce sellers? My go to tool when it comes to providing an online store for my clients is Woocommerce. I use Woocommerce because it is flexible. Let’s just say for example that my client wants to add a wishlist feature on their online store, I can jump-start the process using an existing plugin and modify accordingly. For highly customized jobs I can write the code from the ground up.

Google Analytics is my second favorite tool because it allows me to see what pages customers are coming in, how long they are staying on a giving page, and if they checkout. Using this data I can fine tune a clients website to be more effective at providing conversions.

Facebook ads with coupon promos is a great and effective way to convert. Mailchimp has helped me to capture emails and send out product campaigns efficiently.